Photography Business for sale in downtown Timmins, Ontario

This turn-key operation includes

- 8,000 sq. ft. (on three floors) with a 1000 sq. foot studio space with curved corners  (floor & walls), plug-ins everywhere most on a switch system, full dressing room, two sales offices, a full size reception area/showroom, a front desk, etc.

-trained staff to provide seamless transition of ownership

-hundreds of backdrops, canvases, and props, digital equipment, lights, cameras , etc

-35 years’ worth of negatives and digital files from thousands of clients

-long term client list & contacts

-expertise transfer  with extensive knowledge of the regional market place

For more info, please contact:

Claude J. Gagnon

Fax:(705) 268-6450



Are you the right person?

First of all, my mind is made up…after 35 years, it is time to hand it over to someone else. There are several options to consider:

(1) Sell the business only and lease the building, or (2) Sell the building and simply close the business, but that would mean the disposal of valuable client files, including 35 years of negatives from all of our sessions, and digital files since 2003, hundreds of backgrounds & props… or better still (3) sell both, and keep everything as it, for many obvious reasons, such as continuing to provide a much needed service to the people of Timmins and surrounding area.

It is my strong opinion that this business has tremendous potential for growth & prosperity, with the right people to navigate it forward. It is also my opinion that this would work more efficiently with a “group ownership” than with one single owner. This would permit each owner to still be able to enjoy their private lives, rather than working all of the time, as I did for many years.

Having been fully engaged in the imaging business for the past 35 years, I’ve witnessed a huge transformation, from the manual, film era to the fully-automatic digital age. This fascinating evolution has completely transformed the way to approach the commerce side of imaging. It is my opinion that the days of the “independent, single” operators are over.  Today, there are thousands of people purchasing sophisticated equipment and labeling themselves as pros, creating all sorts of confusion in the market place. Most of the “moonlighters” have good paying jobs with plenty of benefits and have no plans of ever jumping into it full-time. Most stay at it for 2 to 3 years and realize that it’s much more work than first anticipated and phase out of business. Unfortunately, this has made it far more difficult for those who want to make it a full-time career, as they are lost in the shuffle. Having a commercial location in a prominent area is one sure way to stand out above everyone else. Timmins needs a full time professional imaging service. There is a demand for it and a great deal of potential for solid revenue steams to keep it viable and successful… All you need is a positive attitude, the motivation to succeed, and someone to guide you in the right direction. I am willing to do that.


Ideal structure of business


I can envision a business divided into 10 or 12 shares, at an established value, yet to be determined. Full business ownership includes building & contents, props & backdrops, office furniture, computers & equipment, accessories, past files & contact lists, etc. Regular meetings are held with all shareholders present to decide on direction of business. A shareholder may own as many shares as he/she wants to purchase. If one shareholder decides to part ways with the business, he/she can sell off his/her shares with approval of the others. I see a group composed of 4 or 5 “shareholders”:  two photographers, one videographer, one Graphic designer/photoshop/computer person, and one business administrator (a very important element).

If you are serious about making “imaging” a full time career, you must have a completely different approach than the “pretenders”.

Call 705-267-1161 for more details.


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