Anytime is the right time to have a Boutique Portrait taken!

   Intimate Glamour, the Perfect Gift for yourself, or someone you love…always discreet, tasteful, and provocative.

A Boutique Portrait is a “femme fatale” portrait customized for an individual need and presented in the most attractive fashion. A variety of styles are offered: (1) The Close-Up Glamour Look, where we use fabrics,  feathers and  furs in combinations with the right backgrounds and the proper soft-focus effects. (2) “Fantasy Girl Look”, a combination of old Hollywood glamour, the cheesecake Pin-up Girl art from the 50’s & 60’s, the Playmate look of the 80’s & 90’s, and modern fine art illustrations of today to create a sexy & feminine style of glamour that is a wild mix of past and present. (3) Intimate Glamour,   these portraits are discreet, tasteful, and provocative. Bring in your ideas from magazines, or website print-outs as idea starters. These are good starting points…who knows where it will lead!


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