Portrait Session Preparation


Since we are planning to create a portrait to hang in your home, we must take the same care when choosing the colors in your portrait, as you would when selecting carpet, or curtains. We should coordinate the same basic colors of a room in to your portrait to create harmony for the room rather than hastily producing “just another picture”. A well-planned portrait will be treasured for years.


The proper selection of clothing makes the difference. Avoid bright colors and patterns as they command too much attention. Every member of the family should have the same attention, therefore subtle clothing is recommended. Simple, classic outfits are the best, as they will not date your portraits. Families should coordinate type and color of clothing. Please avoid stripes, big figures and too loud and busy clothing. Outfits with “V” necks and sleeves are always best. Rusts, mauves, middle blues, gentle grays, salmons, middle greens, middle browns, burgundy, and rose are good. Also remember that light colors are broadening and dark colors slimming. Whites, light pastels, light pale pinks, yellows or blues and navy blues, dark greens, dark browns, blacks as well as Floressant colors are generally bad in a group portrait, unless everyone is wearing the same colors. Example: Coordinating baby blue and white can be beautiful if everyone in the group is wearing the same colors. Also, bright reds gain attention in a group as will white worn by only one person. These may be recommended for young children to make up for the smaller space they occupy. Our consultation appointment will help you make the proper decisions. Feel free to bring in your clothing to the consultation. We’ll be happy to assist you.


Expression is the most important element in your portrait, so it is imperative that you let our photographer capture the natural expressions from each subject. Let your expressions be natural. Almost everyone is a little nervous, that’s to be expected. But if you will just be yourself and let the expression flow naturally, your portraits will be great and if your facial expression feels forced, it will look forced.

When little ones are involved, it is important that ht parents do not prompt their children for days prior to the session to make sure to “SMILE”. This tends to create fake, unnatural smiles. Just tell them that a nice person is going to take our picture and that it is going to be lots of fun. It’s a lot easier for our photographer to work with children who have not been pre-conditioned or threatened by well meaning parents.


If you wear glasses all the time, you should wear them in your portrait. Since the light will glare on the lenses, it is very important that you borrow a pair of frames from your eye doctor that is like you’re own or very similar. This is especially true for outdoor sessions. If this is impossible for you to arrange, be sure to check if you can pop the lenses our yourself. Additional artwork required when you have a glare on your portraits is an added expense to you. Why not prevent the problem before the session.


Women should wear the normal amount of makeup, accenting a little extra of the eyes. A powder base can be helpful to avoid any shiny or oily appearance on the face. Our studio does offer make-up services, if so desired. However, if must be pre-arranged and is offered at an additional cost.


Men should shave just prior to the appointment in order to avoid a “five o’clock” shadow, which is impossible to remove in the portrait.

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