Bring 2 of your friends to sign up for the Valentine Girl Contest and get your session for FREE!!

Session Information:

All sessions are arranged by appointment only. The entry fee must be PRE-PAID at the time the appointment is made. This non-refundable fee is not a deposit towards a purchase, as it covers administration fees. The pre-paid entry fee entitles you to a specific amount of photography time, as described here. We will confirm the session two days in advance, after which time cancellation will not be accepted. Please notify us as soon as possible if you need to re-schedule, so we may accommodate another client from our waiting list. Our “No-Show” policy is in effect: if you make an appointment for a specific time and do not show-up, you are automatically disqualified. If you need to re-schedule, we need a 48 hour notice, otherwise you lose your deposit.

Questions you may have:

Do you provide Hairstyling & Make-up?
There are several reputable hairstyling shops within walking distance of our studio. Shear-FX, one of our sponsors is located right across the street from our studio.

What do I wear?
Wear something flattering, as you are trying to impress that special person in your life. Try to create a romantic look, something that your significant other would cherish forever. For this type of contest, you can consider anything from tight jeans to beachwear, hot fashions to lingerie, whatever you think will make you look most irresistible. The session options describe how many types of apparel are permitted. Please feel free to discuss wardrobe choices with our staff.

How do I pose?
If you have any magazine clips, glamour calendars, pin-ups, celebrity posters, etc. bring them along. They make great idea starters. Be bold, daring, provocative, romantic, sexy, whatever you think will make you look most striking. Nevertheless, don’t worry; when you come to professional photographers, it is their job to pose you in a way in which you look best. Just relax, and have fun! That’s what being “photogenic” is all about.

Can we go out somewhere on location?
Yes, if you have a location in mind, we can make arrangements to meet you there. However, there may be an extra cost, depending on the distance and time involved. Perhaps several contestants can book on the same day, in a certain location, to reduce traveling costs. Please inquire ahead of time.

How many photos are being judged?
Each contestant selects her two most favorite poses.

Can I obtain any of the photos?
Yes, you may purchase any or all of the photos, in any size and quantity. There is a special discount offer of 20% on any photos ordered within 7 days of the session. Otherwise, you may purchase portraits afterwards, at our regular prices.

What do I win?
Prizes & Cash will be determined by the number of contestants. Providing we have at least 25 contestants, the winner will receive a cash prize of $500.00.  More details to follow as soon as they become available.

Will my photos be displayed on your website, or anywhere else?
No, not unless we have your permission first.

Can I bring a friend along? Yes, however, this is sometimes a distraction. Boyfriends and husbands are not permitted to participate in these sessions.
Yes, but no boyfriends, as this is usually a major distraction, and normally makes the contestant

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